Chardonnay Celebration

One of my favourite hobbies has to be drinking wine. All wine. Yet, there is a prominent aspect of pickiness when I choose a white, red or pink…

For example, Chardonnay.


I am not sure why, but I never order a glass of Chardy, and this was the opinion of many winos at the Hardys Chardonnay Wine Tasting vent held last week. Why?

One reason is it simply isn’t “cool”. The “Anything But Chardonnay” phrase cropped up and it’s true; Chardonnay has somewhat of a tacky image.

There is also Chardonnay’s variety. With Pinot and Merlot, they are a staple in the wine cabinet, ever dependable. Yet with Chardonnay, the vast variety of flavours and styles means there is a chance (albeit a small one) that you’re going to get it wrong. And a bad Chardy can haunt your tastebuds…

But heck! I went and taste Chardonnay, properly, for the first time and am converted…

Cheers to Chardonnay!



Album of the Summer


The Field Where Dreams Were Made

I woke up this morning satisfied. This feeling did not last, my friends. I’m sure you’ve all gone to your crude places in your crude minds, but this was the innocent thoughts of a dreamer. No more, and no less. A dreamer who woke up this sunny morning after living a life (and a lie) during her sleep the night previous. This was the ‘Festival Feeling’ that was briskly shattered by the ‘Real World’ as my alarm rung through me like atoms in a metal stick, or something similar and more scientifically correct.

Yes, I STILL have the Glastonbury Blues. Even the sight of (let’s face it, the slightly underwhelming) Wireless Festival couldn’t fill me with joy.

It has been 18 days since 145,000 dishevelled dirty folk left the fantasy behind for another year, and if I could, I would be playing a violin in your ears right now to emphasis the point.

Instead, here are some photographs…

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Drunken Werewolf

Drunken Werewolf has had a trendy new makeover and the current issue has an interview with current girl crush Amanda Palmer….


A couple of weeks ago I (and other lucky bloggers from around the country) were invited to a super secret meeting about a new project; DocYou.

Based around the sixth formers of Hollyoaks, it’s all about social media and the highs and lows that come along with it. The annoying little comments you know are meant about you. The private message of that party you’re definitely not invited to but know all about. And the more serious; cyber bullying and trolling.